The most widely used terms in the regulations

MINTprint – SIA “MINT print”, reg. No. 44103081951, VAT payer no. LV44103081951, legal and postal address Starta Street 1, Riga, LV-1026, Latvia, Phone no. +371 26752100.

Customer – a natural person or a natural person who makes a purchase / order on behalf of a legal entity, who places orders in the online store or via e-mail and is the recipient of the ordered Product.

Online store –, the owner and administrator of which is MINTprint.

Distance contract – an agreement on the purchase of goods or provision of a service entered into

in absentia by means of distance communication.

By making a purchase in the online store or starting an order by e-mail, you agree to these terms.

    1. Personalized sportswear made on demand – sportswear with a customer-approved design, such as running shirts for company “X” or basketball shirts with numbers and surnames, and supporters’ logos for team “X”
    2. REPEATED or club / team store sportswear manufactured on request – point 1.1. the said goods, the design harmonization of which takes place unrelated to the purchase process
    3. Fabric printing – Customer-prepared design printing on textile material using sublimation printing technology.
  2. DESIGN OF THE GOODS (applies to the goods referred to in 1.1 and 1.2).
    1. Free design for the production of sportswear is provided for all orders for which the prepaid invoice has been paid in full. The customer receives a full-fledged 3D visualization to confirm the order.
      1. Free sportswear design involves the visualization of the customer’s wishes by creating a visible visual material for him to evaluate all design aspects and approve the production of a personalized order.
        1. It includes one visualization of the customer’s wishes and 2 corrections (color correction, element placement).
      2. Free design does not include:
        1. MINTprint designer work
        2. Logo redrawing (vectorization), if possible. The customer is entitled to receive the redrawn logo in the vector file after payment of the invoice
        3. Modification of identity marks if the client does not provide vector files
          a layout fee of 35 Eur + VAT / h is applied for such works.
    2. Fees for layout or designer services are applied in all cases not mentioned in clause 2.2.1. or exceeds the requirements of paragraph 2.2.1. those restrictions
      1. If the customer chooses not to place an order, then the paid amount is returned in full, minus a fixed rate for design preparation 75 Eur + VAT or undertakes to make a payment for design preparation in the amount of 75 Eur + VAT within 5 working days from the notification of his decision
    3. In order to perform any work task of the Customer related to the creation or modification of the product design, the Customer must provide all logos in vector format.
    4. The Customer has the right to submit his Product Design Layout.
      1. The Client submits his design in vector format, separately attaching a .pdf or .jpg file, where the design should look like the selected product.
      2. If possible, MINTprint provides the Client with templates for performing design work independently.
      3. In order to approve the Product Design developed by the Customer, MINTprint prepares a 3D visualization for approval and applies the “free design” conditions for corrections and additional work in the performance of this task.
      4. MINTprint is not responsible for the files created by the customer and their quality. If necessary, a layout fee of 35 Eur + VAT / h or a request to the Client to correct inaccuracies may be applied.
    5. Copyright and storage of design files. The client receives 3D visualization files. All vector design and print files are the property of MINTprint if they are created by MINTprint and are not issued to the customer. MINTprint retains all design print files for 3 years from the time the order first was fully executed.
  3. DESIGN APPROVAL. To start the production of personalized sportswear, MINTprint will send an e-mail to the Customer to confirm the visualization of the sportswear design. In cases where more than one visualization is sent, they are identified by alphabetical letters in the file name. It is the customer’s responsibility to approve one of the designs by specifying the alphabet or the full file name in the file name.
    1. By approving the visualization, the client assumes responsibility for the compliance and correctness of the agreed layout.
    2. After the design is approved, the production process begins, in which it is not possible to make changes to the design.
    3. After approval, the Customer cannot make claims about design errors.
    4. Digital visualization of product design cannot serve as a reference point for comparing colors with the final product. The representation of different color spaces (CMYK, RGB, PANTONE and others) on the computer screen is not the same as what we will see on fabric printing. Color selection and matching is done only through a color card or swatch.
  4. PREPARATION OF THE PRODUCT SAMPLE. Before placing an order, it is possible to make a sample of the product in one copy. Sample production is a paid service, no volume discount price is applied for its production. If the sample is approved and an order is placed, the MINTprint sample production costs are included in the total invoice for the order volume price of the specific product.
  5. FABRIC PRINTING (applies to the goods referred to in 1.3). MINTprint prints high-quality textile materials in sublimation technology on both its own and the customer’s textile materials.
    1. The representation of different color spaces (CMYK, RGB, PANTONE and others) on the computer screen is not the same as what we will see on fabric printing. Color selection and matching is done only through a color card or swatch.
    2. MINTprint is not responsible for files prepared by the client. If the customer is not sure about the files he has prepared, he informs MINTprint about it.

Upon request, MINTprint scans client files for adjustments and compresses files for printing. It is a paid service – 35 EUR + VAT / h.

    1. Minimum requirements for fabric printing files:
      1. scale 1: 1, min. 150 dpi.
      2. gradient or transparency layer in rasterized format only, such as TIFF.
      3. the width of the file is less than the width of the fabric used, but not larger than the printable area of 158 cm. In most cases the max. width is 148 cm.
      4. the length of the file depends on the technical capabilities of the file format used. In most cases the max. length is 500 cm.
      5. file size cannot be larger than 4 Gb.
    2. Fabric printing in sublimation technology can take place:
      1. on polyester textile materials not containing or containing not more than 25% elastane.
      2. using white textiles, industrially prepared for sublimation printing and allowing high surface pressure to be applied and withstanding T 210 C heat treatment.
      3. The textile material must be clean, puffed, not wrinkled and wound on a cardboard liner with a diameter of at least 2,5 cm. When submitting your print material, the side of the fabric to be printed must be marked and a 50 cm material reserve must be provided for the application of the technological process.
    3. MINTprint is not responsible for the quality of the submitted customer’s textile material and print files and its suitability for printing. Non-compliance of the material submitted by the Customer is not a reason for making claims regarding the print quality, usability of the final result and / or complete non-payment of the invoice.
    1. PURCHASE or ORDER can be performed in two ways:
      1. In the online store for the goods specified in clause 1.2.
        1. To make a purchase, you must select the item (s), add it / s to the cart and format the purchase. Indicating the type of delivery during the purchase. The purchase must be confirmed by making a payment.
      2. When ordering by e-mail, contacting a customer consultant.
        1. In order to start the ordering process, a description is required, indicating the necessary product, design-related wishes (desired product colors, patterns.) The need for individual personalization must be indicated separately – inscriptions, numbers. Indicate the location of all logos, inscriptions, numbers, etc. on the product.
          The information must be supplemented with the required number of items.

Add all the necessary logos in good quality, preferably in vector formats – .eps, .pdf, .cdr, .ai.

If the logo needs to be redrawn to ensure print quality, Mintprint will inform the customer.

    1. The right to refuse the Purchase or Order is not possible if the Customer has approved the design to start production and has received information from the customer’s consultant that production has started.
      1. In all other cases, until point 6.2. at the time of the occurrence of the said event, the right of withdrawal is possible if the customer has paid for all paid services (design development, layout, delivery) for which the paid money is not returned.
  1. PRODUCT MANUFACTURING TIME depends on the type of product, product, availability of materials, required number of units.
    1. For the goods referred to in points 1.1 and 1.2. it averages 7-10 business days. Production of personalized orders for these goods is also possible in express mode for an increased fee.
      1. The description of the product available for purchase in the online store indicates the term of manufacture of the product.
    2. For the goods referred to in point 1.3. it is 2-4 working days on average.
  2. RETURN AND WARRANTY OF THE PRODUCT is possible for all purchases and orders, if the production defect or non-conformity with the visualization agreed for the start of production can be clearly identified.
    1. The discrepancy of the Product with the agreed visualization cannot be considered as the discrepancy of the colors, unless the color comparison prints have been made separately, according to which the customer has selected the necessary tones.
    2. The customer ensures the return of the product at his own expense.
    3. It is not possible to refuse the purchase in the traditional sense of PTAL, because all MINTprint products are made according to the design and order approved by the Customer.
  3. REPEAT orders are possible at any time after the first order is fully fulfilled. MINTprint guarantees:
    1. production file storage for 3 years.
    2. an identical price offer 12 months after full completion of the first order, if the product design is not changed.

Due to the fact that MINTprint renews technological equipment and used fabrics every 6 months, it does not guarantee repeated orders:

    1. the conformity of the printing inks to the first order, if the customer cannot provide a sample from the first order or it is not technologically possible.
    2. identical materials or their properties if they are no longer available in stock. Unavailable materials are replaced with identical or higher category raw materials without separate coordination.
  1. PRODUCT PRICE on the website is indicated in EUR and including VAT (21%). The delivery price is not included in the price and is calculated separately (EX WORKS). However, this price for personalized products serves only as an indicator, because after receiving the order from the customer, the customer consultant is entitled to change the price depending on the delivery time, the required amount, design work, special modifications.
    1. The price of the product needs to be specified at the customer’s consultant.
      1. The validity period of the price offer is 1 month or 12 months for repeated orders.
    2. The final price for the goods available in the online store (clause 1.2.) Does not include delivery costs.
  2. PAYMENT is possible in two ways:
    1. For purchases made in the online store (items in point 1.2.) With the gateway provided by Luminor banka for making various types of payments.
    2. For orders placed via e-mail, MINTprint issues an invoice with its bank account number in Luminor (DNB) bank LV45RIKO0002013284832, SWIFT RIKOLV2X.
      1. After receiving the order for the production of personalized sportswear, MINTprint sends the Customer an e-mail invoice, including all costs for the full execution of the work order.
      2. Execution of works, starting with design works, is started after receiving the payment in the MINTprint bank account.
      3. The product is the property of MINTprint until full payment is received for the full performance of the agreed workload.
  3. RECEIPT AND DELIVERY OF GOODS the choice must be confirmed at the time of purchase confirmation by making a purchase on the website or by contacting a customer advisor. Delivery costs must be paid together with the invoice for the product. In the online store, this is done in the payment form window, but when ordering via e-mail, the customer advisor informs about the options and adds the costs to the invoice. The following DELIVERY methods are available:
    1. Receive during working hours at MINTprint office at Starta Street 1, Riga, LV-1026.
    2. Omniva – Omniva parcel terminals in the Baltic States. On average, it costs 3 to 10 Eur + VAT for the delivery of one order. Delivered within two working days from the moment of production of the goods.
    3. Bicycle courier – in Riga is the fastest way of delivery, if it is necessary to receive it on the same or the next working day. On average, it costs 6 to 12 Eur + VAT for the delivery of one order.
    4. Omniva – Omniva courier services are fast for deliveries to any address in the Baltic States, if delivery is required within 2-3 working days.
    5. DHL – Express courier services are available to customers all over the world if they need next day delivery.
    6. TNT – Express courier services across Europe is a fast way to deliver larger loads at a reasonable cost and in a fast and traceable way.
  4. PRIVACY POLICY is described in the section on the MINTprint website, where the current version of the policy is always published.