Frequently asked questions about the production of personalized sportswear

How long is the production?

On average 7-10 working days from the day of design approval and receipt of prepayment. Express production is also available, which, depending on the volume, can be completed within 1-3 working days for an increased fee.

Will you be able to make the same order in a smaller amount after a while?

Yes, we can realize a repeat order in at least one copy. If a repeat order is placed within 12 months, then we guarantee the same price offer as the first order.

Frequently asked questions about fabric printing

Can I print on colored fabric?

No, this is not possible with sublimation fabric printing technology.

Is it possible to print the fabric I brought?

Yes, this is possible as long as it complies with the rules on fabric printing.

In short:

  • only white polyester textile materials prepared for sublimation printing;
  • clean, unfolded, wound on a cardboard shell with a diameter of not less than 2.5 cm;