Floorball form made with the team’s individual design, numbers, surnames and logos.

We produce sports uniforms for both adults and children.

Personalizētas florbola formas

Floorball shapes

Floorball goalkeeper shirt

50.00 ar PVN (21%)

Floorball shapes

Floorball shorts

20.00 ar PVN (21%)

Floorball shapes

Floorball shirt

35.00 ar PVN (21%)

Floorball shapes

Floorball form

1.00 ar PVN (21%)

Along with play forms, we provide floorball teams with warm-up shirts, tracksuits and hoodies.


Technologies – floorball forms are printed in sublimation technology, which allows sports forms to be printed in full color from all 360 degree planes. When the paint is absorbed into the fabric, its relief is not felt and it is wear-resistant.

Fabrics – in the production of floorball forms we use high quality sports fabrics, which perfectly absorb and remove excess moisture.

Design – MINTprint provides free design development *, we will help you to be original by creating a unique design according to your wishes.

Production time on average 7 working days from the moment of approval of the model and receipt of payment. Repeat orders, also in one copy, are possible at any time.

Price – depends on the volume of the order, choice of technical fabrics, sewing details and deadlines. Send your price request to our printing specialists .