Both woven and knitted fabrics suitable for sublimation printing, which contain Polyester (also Nylon 6.6), Acrylic, Acetates and Triacetates in combination with mixed fibers (min. 30-40%) are suitable for sublimation printing. Also printing on Terlenk, Trevir, Leakry, Diolene, etc. fabrics give an excellent result. In general, particularly bright colors can be obtained by printing on Polyester, Acetates and Nylon, while when printing on Acrylic, the colors will be warmer. The only limitation on the fabric is that natural fibers such as wool, silk and cotton do not acquire the required sublimation color intensity, while polyamide 11 and polypropylene fibers are not suitable for printing at such high temperatures.

Our factory offers a very wide selection of fabrics suitable for sublimation printing. We will help you choose the most suitable fabric for your sports or fashion clothes.

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