Sublimation is one of the most economical types of fabric printing, when it is necessary to realize complete personalization of a garment or product. This fabric printing method is able to provide full-color printing on the fabric, which allows you to display fine details and create nuanced color transitions.


Sublimation is a fabric printing technology that relies on a process of changing the physical state of a color as it changes from a liquid state to a gaseous state to penetrate the fabric fibers and then return to its original state. This technology is widely used in fabric printing and clothing production, because when the color is absorbed into the fabric, its relief is not felt, it is very durable even after several years of intensive use. The print is abrasion resistant and cannot be washed or worn. In addition, sublimation opens up a wide range of possibilities for reproducing color transitions, intensities, shadows and even the finest details on fabric. In the sublimation technique it is possible to print fabric of different thickness (Tulle, Chiffon, Fleece, Crepe and others), density (50-400 g / m2) and elasticity (Lycra, Gabardine).

Sublimation printing is used

Sublimation printing is very widely used in the production of design clothing, making both parts and all clothing from fabric printed with sublimation technology.
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Personalizing sportswear is the most visible use of fabric prints. Printed sportswear is used in all sports to highlight the colors, name, logo, numbers printed on the fabric.
MINTprint ZIB apdruka sporta apģērbi MINTprint Latvijas Lakrosa izlases formas tērps MINTprint sacensibu numukrekli numuri 2015
Product personalization can add a whole different value. Unique design in very few copies.
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High-quality corporate clothing is always made with sublimation technology to ensure bright colors and precise design execution.
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Sublimation printing is widely used in interior decoration when it is necessary to keep one style. Design cushions, chair covers, scarves and other design items are made using fabric printing.
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